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Jill Brzezicki: Press

Jill Brzezicki – singer/songwriter, musician

By Lauren Archuletta

Singer/songwriter Jill Brzezicki said her craft resonates with the journey and risks she’s taken to become the artist she is today.

Brzezicki classifies her music as Americana and folk, with influences ranging from Pink Floyd to the Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge. “A lot of my influences are typical ‘lesbian,’” Brzezicki said. “Heavy-hitters, women with a guitar, women songwriters.” But before she followed in the footsteps of her inspirations, she led a very different life – as a scientist.

With an undergraduate degree in chemistry and master’s in toxicology, Brzezicki worked in human health at Colorado State University before she started doing music. It wasn’t until she attended Song School in Lyons, Colorado that she leapt from beakers to microphones.

“That’s when I quit my chemistry job and started teaching, performing and running sound,” Brzezicki said. “I had a band, but I knew I wanted to do it more seriously.”

Although Brzezicki is a lesbian artist, she has a diverse following and says she tries not to play into stereotypes. “Me off stage and on stage are the same person,” Brzezicki said. “I don’t make [performing] a flamboyant activity, but if you look at me I think you can definitely tell that I’m gay. I guess you can say I’m typecast as a ‘butch dyke.’”

Brzezicki plays mostly in the Fort Collins area, but she’s been known to make an appearance in Denver – she used to be a regular at HER Bar’s “Girls with Guitars” night.

Still, she’s open to many venues. “I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into the LGBT market,” she said. “It’s a very pre-made market and a strong one, but I don’t want it to be my only market. My songs are pretty much across the board; most people can relate to them. They’re not gender or sexuality specific.”

As an artist, Brzezicki said, she hopes her audience will cast preconceptions aside, and see her and her music for what she, and it, really is.

“Instead of getting up there and walking like a stage performer that has a different character or something, I am my character.” Brzezicki said. “Me being on stage is my natural being.”

“Once I started getting on stage,” she said, “there was a spark that I have yet to find anywhere else.”

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